[MEMORANDUM #2021-06] Introduction of Fire Watch Patrols

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[MEMORANDUM #2021-06] Introduction of Fire Watch Patrols

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Office of the State Fire Marshal
Memorandum #2021-06
15th May 2021

Introduction of Fire Watch Patrols

Issued by SFM Command

Dear all,

The Command & Supervisory teams have been in discussions due to recent spike in activity in the State Parks that proactive measures should take place from our office to prevent wild & brush fires. To increase presence and enforcement around said areas, we have decided to implement a new operation into the office named 'Fire Watch' — FW is a patrol done by Fire Marshals in the State Parks and surrounding areas, with the direct intention of Fire Code enforcement, specifically Chapter 4, Section 401.

There are certain regulations set in place for Fire Watch, which are:
— Fire Watch patrols may only be done in the marked Caracara (FW-1, FW-2);
— Fire Watch patrols aren't restricted to certain areas, but are focused around the State Parks;
— Fire Marshals are mandated to liaise with Park Rangers in case of any illegal or suspicious activities at the parks;
— Fire Marshals are mandated to request a Park Ranger to conduct Fire Watch patrol with.

More details on the Mutual Aid Agreement may be found here, effective from the 16th of May, 2021.

(( On an OOC note; this is done due to the activity spike in the state parks with the implementation of the hunting script. Players more often than not roleplay setting camps and whatnot around the State Parks and with that, put up bonfires and the likes. Be sure to remember that our intention with this patrol is not to issue hefty fines, rather just interact with the community and provide players with interesting roleplay, along with SAPR.
Another important note is to make sure that we do not step on SAPR's toes and act as a Law Enforcement agency in the State Parks. Any and all illegal activities should be reported to SAPR to handle; that doesn't mean that you should ignore illegal activities, simply act as you would in the city. ))

Deputy Chief Diana Ilyina and the rest of the Supervisory & Command team