[REQUEST] Stooges Fire Investigation

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[REQUEST] Stooges Fire Investigation

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Name: Yunisa Delgado-Flores
Contact Number: 26135983
Information Requested: Details on the arson investigation on Stooges leading to Arthur Rodriguez's arrest, connections to any criminal organizations, for the purposes of an article for the Los Santos Daily News.
Relevant dates (if applicable): May 20th.
Stooges, a rock-themed dive bar, was burnt down on May the 20th. The business was facing multiple counts of vandalism through it's windows being broken and hate-speech and threats graffitied on it's walls before and after the fire. After a lengthy investigation, charges were brought against members of the Dead End Brigade punk-band Arthur "Art" Rodriguez and Joey "Jojo" Campbell. This band has alleged connections to white-supremacist gangs in Vespucci.

I was wondering if the Fire Marshals would aid a piece I'm writing on these skinhead gangs by disclosing some information surrounding this investigation, such as motives established and involvement from criminal organizations.

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